smoke and mirrors

ScanLab are a group investigating the possibilities that surround 3d scanning and its applications in art and architecture. One of their projects focused on the possibility of scanning mist. These are the results…..

What is the new iPad 2 really like?

Charlie Brooker looks into the subtleties….

sound manipulation

eat my dust humans….

Machine beats humans in practice Jeopardy round. I say we pull the plug now before its too late…
From CNN

So who won the “Jeopardy!” practice run?! Watson won! Too bad, humans!
In a 15-question round, Watson fielded about half of the questions — and got none wrong. The computer netted $4,400, nearly quadrupling Rutter’s score and beating Jennings by [...]

the future of table tennis…..and everything else

freeze frame

Nice piece of art geekery from Paul Destieu

self image


The amazing people at Google have produced this new research application that allows you to find out how often a word has appeared in print over any time span between 1650 and today. As you can see, in an extraordinarily clever piece of self referential logic I have plugged the word etymology into the software [...]


About one gadzillion years ago in the eighties I spent a whole year saving up for a Tacam 4 track casette port-a-studio. It cost around $800 and offered the promise of multi track recording at home.  I adored that machine and spent many enjoyable evenings recording execrable Post Punk New Wave guitar pop that fizzed with white [...]


One of the original inspirations for the likeithateit lifestyle weblog, was the great poobah of linkblogging and all around geek awesomeness Boingboing. The following article from Fastcompany , takes you through the history of that website, from its beginnings as an actual, in your hand zine, through to its days as an expensive hobby up to [...]

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