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Markus Kayser – Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

how to stop a traffic jam

From The Science Hobbyist
Have you ever been driving on an interstate highway when traffic suddenly slows to a crawl? You inch along for many minutes while waiting to see the accident which must have caused the jam. At the same time you also curse the “rubberneckers” who are causing the whole problem. [...]

Lightning Box

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Lichtenberg Figures are branching, tree-like patterns that are sometimes formed on the surface or within the interior of insulating materials by high voltage electrical discharges. The first Lichtenberg Figures were two-dimensional patterns formed in dust on charged insulating plates by the German physicist who discovered them, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799). The [...]

art and science get to know each other…

Science and art meet – The New York Times takes us there
In the drawing, a nude man and woman stand on either side of a wall. Each wears a plastic breathing mask that covers the nose and mouth; the masks are connected to air hoses that pass through the wall. The hoses attach to [...]

Not so complex after all….

In this extremely interesting study a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to modify moral assessments simply by applying electromagnetic pulses to a certain part of the brain associated with ethical thinking. I predict an Apple iEmotion device by the end of the decade….
From The BBC
Scientists have shown they can change people’s moral judgements by disrupting a specific area [...]

solar power

If you don’t think melting rocks, burning wood and vaporising steel with a giant magnifying mirror (actually its only two metres) is cool, then don’t bother watching.

the peak of complexity

From The New Scientist

What happens in the female brain during an orgasm? It certainly doesn’t lie back and think of England, as the saying goes. In fact there’s rather a lot going on, according to a study on women who volunteered to stimulate themselves to orgasm while having their brains scanned.
Knowing what goes on [...]

chemical attractions

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