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This installation by Erik Kessels has a very simple premise, he simply printed every photo uploaded to Flicker in a twenty four hour period.
As you can see, that’s a lot of photos.
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This delightful installation is by German artist Regine Ramseier.  You can read the whole story, how she went into the country and collected delicate dandelions that fall apart with just the gentlest hint of a breeze, then transported them back to the city in a special frame she made in her car, which she had to [...]

the best possible gift for the greatest possible number of people….

Your portrait painted into a Chinese communist propaganda poster? Priceless, but for a limited time only, you can get it here….

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. it’s, beautiful!


A very engaging piece of animated art is to be found here – the story of how it was made is below
I found myself near the 24th street BART station with 45 minutes to killl, so I wandered down Osage St. to check out the tags and street art. I never noticed them before, but the [...]


comic art

The likeithateit team have not succumbed to the contemporary obsession for comics, having got that out of their collective system back in the eighties with Robert Crumb and Zap.  However they are willing to concede that Jordan Crane’s finely tuned, minutely observed melancholia is compelling and beautifully drawn.


Sand artist and surfer Jim Denevan makes some seriously beautiful art by carving shapes in sand

post factual

A member of the LIkeithateit team has been reading and enjoying a collection of short stories by William Boyd.  On his recommendation the team did a little digging into the writer’s background and duly found out that William Boyd was responsible for one of the great literary hoaxes.  He invented an artist.  Curiously, everyone believed him.  Indeed [...]


Jason Hackenwerth makes art from balloons.

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