wicked web


I know you’ve all seen this. I know its stupid and peurile and not worthy of these pages, but its just so funny when all the stoners run away from the policeman….

lysergic acid

8 hours after first dose.
Patient sits on bunk bed. He reports the intoxication has worn off except for the occational distorting of our faces. We ask for a final drawing which he performs with little enthusiasm.
‘I have nothing to say about this last drawing, it is bad and uninteresting, I want to go home now.’

flying high

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – A sharp increase in drugs and cellphones found inside a Brazilian prison mystified officials — until guards spotted some distressed pigeons struggling to stay airborne.
Inmates at the prison in Marilia, Sao Paulo state had been training carrier pigeons to smuggle in goods using cell phone sized pouches on their backs, [...]

time is going really really really slowly

Personally I’ve been there, but I never made it to the phone.