The ugly side of tourism

The Subcontinent, an introduction…

As some of my readers would be aware, the Likeithateit team have recently returned from the subcontinent.  I think you would all agree that six weeks traveling as an independent web based media consultancy in a country with a five thousand year old culture, one billion people, fourteen religions, hundreds of languages, millions of Gods [...]

A letter from the Subcontinent

Dear Readers,
Apologies for the recent break in communications. The likeithateit team have been travelling the subcontinent in search of adventure. We have found it. Sadly it has left us a little the worse for wear. Yet we must carry on. At least until the next steaming river, at the banks of [...]

Mother India

After hearing a hundred horror stories and a thousand tales of wonder from wide eyed friends, trying to explain to me just what India is like, I shall be travelling there myself for the next month and a half on a journey to the centre of my soul in search of just why I’m such [...]

help wanted

handy things to know

From Salon
Is it possible to fly a large commercial jet (say, a 747) upside down? Many smaller planes are built specifically for aerobatics, but what would happen to a passenger jet?
Ah, an oldie but goodie. I’m asked this all the time, and there’s a (half-assed) segment in my book about it. A jetliner can, in [...]

space odyssey

From The Psychologist
“Life in space has glamorous, adventure-filled connotations, but the reality is a gruelling psychological challenge.
‘For long missions of more than one and a half months beyond earth’s orbit, there are three show stoppers,’ says Nick Kanas, professor of psychiatry at the University of California. ‘The first is the effect of microgravity on physiology, [...]


coast to coast

Have you ever wanted to drive across Japan?  From coast to coast? Perhaps on the Chuo Expressway from Sagamiko to Hanasaki tunnel? Can’t afford it?  Time poor? Don’t have an international driver’s license?  Can’t drive?  Weak Bladder?  No more excuses! Because now you can watch this 12 hour forty five minute video of the trip [...]

shooting fish in a barrel

Its old, but its gold, as the US heads into the last phase of their presidential election have a look at this video of one of the Chaser boys asking average American citizens difficult questions such as “how many sides does a triangle have?” and “name a country that begins with the letter “U”?”  (hint [...]

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