a perl necklace

From The Guardian
So this is how punk ends – not with a bang but with a jumper. Today, all over the world, thousands of punks, goths, emos and other ferociously tattooed, face-pierced miscreant bastard folk-devil scum will take to the streets to protest their disgust with war, oppression and bourgeois conformity by crocheting hideous green [...]

The future of television

This is not on some obscure cable show, but mainstream MTV. Gradually, the reality TV concept inches toward the Gladiatorial. Bread and circuses anyone? I think I can hear the death of civilisation….


From Quirky Japan
Nippon Television’s (NTV) producers have obviously never heard of the Geneva Convention.  If they had, they wouldn’t have treated poor Nasubi the way they did.  They wouldn’t have stripped him naked and shut him in an apartment, alone with no food, [...]


The likeithateit team love TopGear even though we know we shouldn’t. Apart from anything else our office is so green we don’t even own a car between us. Just a motley collection of motorscooters, pushbikes and a pair of old roller blades left over from an ill advised roller disco party we threw [...]

Pay the piper call the tune

Try to ignore the fact that this advertisement is delivered to you by an evil multinational, that sells three dollar shoes for hundreds of dollars whilst paying the people that make them a pittance, and the people that make the advertisements hundreds of thousands of dollars,  which helps assuage  the guilt these “artists” feel for [...]

Lost in translation

Sometimes, its all in the way you say it. My favorite is the Ozzy Osborne, incomprehensible, way beyond translation.