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silence of the lambs

In this extraordinary video, the students of UC Davis confront their chancellor in silent protest. They’re protesting the pepper spraying of students involved in a non-violent demonstration made in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. If you don’t think this sounds too bad, check it out. It may not be Kent State [...]

burnt beyond recognition in 53 seconds…

Watch as Rick Perry goes from Republican front runner to has-been as he struggles to remember what it is that he was going to do, sometime, somewhere, somehow….


More Goldman Sachs madness but with a nice underdog twist, From The Guardian,

Mega-bank Goldman Sachs (assets $933bn), has declared war on one of the smallest banks in New York (assets $30m), the customer-owned community bank that happens to also be the banker for Friends of Liberty Plaza, Inc, also known as Occupy Wall Street. And you thought [...]


Matt Taibi hones in on the details one more time in this Rolling Stone piece on just why Occupy Wall Street is pushing so many buttons From The Rolling Stone

FREE MONEY. Ordinary people have to borrow their money at market rates. Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon get billions of dollars for free, from the Federal [...]

a land of many parts

American politics is a passion that all the likeithateit team members share. It’s a carnival ride of venality, vanity and vulgarity that is mixed in equal parts with all the nobility and inspiration that the world’s “greatest democracy” can offer.  Any readers that share this passion would do well to read this excellent article that [...]

customer relations

I’m guessing that somewhere in America tonight, a Citibank PR consultant will be screaming expletives at an underling. This video of people being locked inside a bank and arrested for simply trying to close down their Citibank accounts is fuel on the fire for the Occupy Wall Street cause. Excellent stuff. Highly entertaining.


Everyone is joining the Wall street revolt it seems. Even down at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic. Solidarity comrades!

the voice of the people

Alan Grayson sums it up…

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