Wall Street

There’s a shit load of action on the streets of America right now. It’s just like 1968 only the music is not as good. Here’s hoping that some real change can be achieved, since it’s fairly clear that in the eternal struggle between capital and labour, capital is beating the bejesus out of the workers, [...]

the best possible gift for the greatest possible number of people….

Your portrait painted into a Chinese communist propaganda poster? Priceless, but for a limited time only, you can get it here….

die laughing

The Republican’s primary race is shaping up to be at one and the same time, the most entertaining and terrifying political contest we’ve had on planet earth since the Moslem hordes surrounded Vienna. We’ve seen Donald Trump come and go in his funny clown car of a candidacy, but that doesn’t mean there’s not laughs-a-plenty to come, [...]

Republican politics

If you want to see the face of Democracy as American Republicans understand it, skip forward to 3:05 of this video. There he is, chewing gum and bullying Democrats. If you watch the rest of the video you’ll see the most flagrant, disgusting use of process to stymie objection and debate that you [...]

Jon Stewart goes after Fox – the same old schtick, as good as ever….

Clinton attacks!

This video is from 2006, but it certainly makes interesting viewing now, in light of what has transpired. Clinton’s defence of his actions to find and kill Bin Laden whilst in office are spirited to say the least and prompt a number of interesting questions about the Bush administration and the possibility that 9/11 [...]

White House Correspondent’s Dinner – Seth Meyers

If you follow American politics, you’re going to enjoy this routine from the writer of Saturday Night Live

Obama roasts Trump….

He goes the Trump from 9-10 but it’s all good…

Programming democracy

Here’s some explosive testimony from an American Software engineer, who makes the claim that he has written code that could be used to rig an election and believes that it has been used to rig the Ohio election. It’s fairly clear that we can never trust digital voting systems. Whilst hard copy paper votes and [...]

Meanwhile in America…

American politics gets crazier by the hour.  The Republican nomination is going to be a shit storm of hilarity with the greatest freak scene of pro gun, pro abortion, anti poor, commie hating, God fearing evangelical proselytising mouth breathing weirdos to grace an election anywhere in the free world. With nutcases like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Donald [...]

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