Black face

By Jonathan Yardley from The Washington Post
In the fall of 1959 an obscure white journalist and novelist named John Howard Griffin, a native of Texas, went to a dermatologist in New Orleans with what can only be called an astonishing request: He wanted “to become a Negro.” A man of conscience and religious conviction, he was [...]

organised chaos

Anyone who has visited India recently will find this article’s discussion of the manner in which local business overcomes the obstacles of weak government and poor infrastructure, illuminating. From The New York Times
GURGAON, India — In this city that barely existed two decades ago, there are 26 shopping malls, seven golf courses and luxury shops selling Chanel [...]


One of the original inspirations for the likeithateit lifestyle weblog, was the great poobah of linkblogging and all around geek awesomeness Boingboing. The following article from Fastcompany , takes you through the history of that website, from its beginnings as an actual, in your hand zine, through to its days as an expensive hobby up to [...]

The Death of the Hipster? Already? Has it been that long?

From The New Yorker Magazine
When we talk about the contemporary hipster, we’re talking about a subcultural figure who emerged by 1999, enjoyed a narrow but robust first phase until 2003, and then seemed about to dissipate into the primordial subcultural soup, only to undergo a reorganization and creeping spread from 2004 to the present.
The [...]

Meanwhile in Russia

castles in the air….

Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo.

Logan’s Run?

From ForeignPolicy
Not so long ago, we were warned that rising global population would inevitably bring world famine. As Paul Ehrlich wrote apocalyptically in his 1968 worldwide bestseller, The Population Bomb, “In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this [...]

cursive script

From The Wall Street Journal
Ask preschooler Zane Pike to write his name or the alphabet, then watch this 4-year-old’s stubborn side kick in. He spurns practice at school and tosses aside workbooks at home. But Angie Pike, Zane’s mom, persists, believing that handwriting is a building block to learning.
She’s right. Using advanced tools such [...]

a tide of filth…

From The New York Times

Ricky Bess spends eight hours a day in front of a computer near Orlando, Fla., viewing some of the worst depravities harbored on the Internet. He has seen photographs of graphic gang killings, animal abuse and twisted forms of pornography. One recent sighting was a photo of two teenage [...]


You, would no doubt, have read about Julian Assange and the extraordinary work he is doing with Wikileaks.  This interview on TED illustrates the methods he uses, the dangers he faces and the impact of the website on world events.  It is all in all, a wonderful illustration of the corrosive power of truth on [...]

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