a two course special

I offer you the above video, without explanation, but merely as a further tiny piece of the crazy paving that we now call culture. But to countermand the exotic pull of this elegant trash, I also offer a video of two of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, Foucault and Chomsky, debating, how [...]


mashed up awesome

Look at this fucking hipster

Its self explanatory and absolutely necessary.  Look at this fucking hipster delivers just what it promises


For those of you  following the healthcare debate going on in the U.S, this “insiders’ report from Yasha Levine at The Exiled online will give you a sense of the special flavor of intellectualism that is driving the Republican argument.
The Exiled Online
Inside, the demographic was even more skewed towards the white and the [...]



smugly small

I enjoyed this article, despite the insufferable sense of smug that wafted through its lofty conceits…
By David Scharfenberg from the Boston Globe

WE MOVED to San Francisco and Brooklyn and Mission Hill. We jumped from job to job. Put off marriage. Never bought a place. And we never heard the end of it. We were drifters, [...]

happy families

Fascinating story from Newsweek
Several pairs of eyes follow the girl as she pedals around the playground in an affluent suburb of Baltimore. But it isn’t the redheaded fourth grader who seems to have moms and dads of the jungle gym nervous on this recent Saturday morning. It’s the African-American man—six feet tall, bearded and wearing [...]

Before there was a Lower East Side

I love imagining what a particular piece of land was like before the pestilential cancer of human settlement scarred its surface with the ugly brutish marks of human civilisation.  Though, needless to say, this is preferably done from the balcony of a five star hotel with a Campari and grapefruit juice in hand. In this [...]

when one door closes

When I showed Julian Schnabel, it took me two years to sell the first painting. Julian was the first artist to leave my gallery, and I was heartbroken. It was like the spring of 1984, and I was sitting in my office, crying. (…) What he said was that he wanted to be separated. He [...]

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