Black face

By Jonathan Yardley from The Washington Post
In the fall of 1959 an obscure white journalist and novelist named John Howard Griffin, a native of Texas, went to a dermatologist in New Orleans with what can only be called an astonishing request: He wanted “to become a Negro.” A man of conscience and religious conviction, he was [...]

Hot Blooded

In this delicious article on the dangers of writing sex scenes for the paranormal Paul Goat Allen takes us through some of the moister parts of the writer’s psyche – from The Huffington Post
• “His body knew only one goal, to bury itself into the snug fist of her femininity and let it milk [...]

cover your shame

Keeping a grip on retro cool in a constantly changing world is difficult, even for the most mindful hipster. Thankfully, Moleskin have come to the rescue of those who enjoy the convenience of the Kindle, yet loath it’s clinical contemporary pragmatism. Their protective covers add an old skool elegance to what may well have been [...]

Literary Lisa

Here’s an entertaining piece on The Simpson’s literary references in The Atlantic


Many of the likeithateit team members own cats, indeed one of them may well be sitting on this writer’s lap (the cat that is, not the team member). So it is no surprise to learn that most of history’s great writers (like Mister Beckett above) were cat lovers.  This site has a delightful compendium of [...]


Back before email, flame wars used to take place over weeks and more particularly, were conducted with an articulate and elegant hostility that leaves today’s expletive ridden harangues looking like nothing more than the dummy spits of petulant children.  In this wonderful exchange between Christopher Hitchens, Salman Rushdie and John Le Carre conducted on the [...]

Werner Herzog reads “Where’s Waldo?”


As Kindle owners, the likeithateit team feel a collective guilt for the recent troubles that the Borders Bookstores have been facing. Yet as guilty as we feel, it doesn’t compare to the anger that inflames our hearts upon reading that the executives that run Borders in the States are asking for bonuses despite the fact [...]


The amazing people at Google have produced this new research application that allows you to find out how often a word has appeared in print over any time span between 1650 and today. As you can see, in an extraordinarily clever piece of self referential logic I have plugged the word etymology into the software [...]

honest book titles

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