poison pen

The internet brings much pleasure to the members of the likeithateit team, but never as much as when it is highlighting the foibles of others. Much like this website, slush pile hell. For those who aren’t aware of what a “slush pile” is let me draw lines between the dots.  A slushpile is the slang [...]


Yet another article on the rise of the digital book. I draw your attention to this more for the last paragraphs and a rather salient point on the nature of editing, than the generalised fear so prevalent in our lovers of books….(From Wired)
I think it’s pretty clear that the future of books is digital. I’m sure we’ll always have [...]


but I love adjectives

As a writer, and a pretty bad writer at that, I’m greatly fond of adverbs, particularly enamoured of pretty adjectives and head over heels with the exclamation mark! You’ll see, then,  if you read the following, why I found it so disheartening.   Margaret Atwood, Elmore Leonard and  PD James amongst others, tell you how [...]

A good read

From  The Wall Street Journal
There was a time when difficult literature was exciting. T.S. Eliot once famously read to a whole football stadium full of fans. And it’s still exciting—when Eliot does it. But in contemporary writers it has just become a drag. Which is probably why millions of adults are cheating on the [...]

The Horror, the horror

Being the kind of graduate snob who pretends to have read all of Ulysses, when I have only read the dirty bits, you will not be surprised to find out that I am a huge fan of Joseph Conrad.  So it comes as a shock to discover that he has a relative who is also [...]

would you do it for free?

Old pro, Harlan Ellison giving some extremely firm opinions on why he should be fucking paid…

The Odyssey – LULZ!


commit to memory

We have spent time on these pages discussing the eccentricities of various team members, their inclination for self aggrandising gestures, their vanities, their desire to be seen as more than what they are.  Can’t these poor puppets accept their place in the system and numb themselves to the endless ennui of contemporary urban life? One [...]

The Purloined Letter

Here’s a NYT’s review of “The Letters of Samuel Beckett, volume 1″
Thus he is broke: he wears his shoes until they finally “explode” on the Boulevard St.-Michel. He is exuberantly ill disposed to established writers (Eliot is a “nice man” but a “bad poet,” and his book on Dante is “insufferably condescending”). He writes, with [...]

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