The Turbaned Tordnado

Here’s the feel good story of the day. Fauja Singh, one hundred year old Punjabi Londoner, runner of eight marathons since running his first at the age of 79, has now become the oldest person and the first centenarian ever to run the marathon distance of 42 kilometres. The full story here at The Guardian

This article describes a race that only eight people have finished in its twenty year history….

From Believer Mag -
What makes it so bad? No trail, for one. A cumulative elevation gain that’s nearly twice the height of Everest. Native flora called saw briars that can turn a man’s legs to raw meat in meters. The tough hills have names like Rat Jaw, Little Hell, Big Hell, Testicle Spectacle—this last so-called [...]

why men play rugby…


ReAlize is a clever piece of op art by  Michael Kalish commisioned by the one and only greatest of the greats Muhammad Ali. Unsurprisingly, it has been constructed from punching bags (1300 of them), a very large amount of wire and quite a lot of steel.  From most angles it just looks like a two [...]

the future of table tennis…..and everything else


a more straightforward approach can often be successful…

Athletic supporter.

I don’t know if any of you were aware of this, but America has a “lingerie league” in which women play American football, wearing lingerie….

This will never work……


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