From The Guardian
The Fifa Under-20 World Cup, which gets under way this week in Egypt, likes to present itself as a discoverer of future international superstars. The likes of Diego Maradona, Luís Figo, Ronaldinho, Michael Essien and Lionel Messi all came to global prominence in this competition.
It is against this lustrous backdrop that a group [...]


Federer melts down! He isn’t perfect!

The Amazing Aimee

Aimee Mullins was born without fibular bones, and had both of her legs amputated below the knee when she was an infant. She learned to walk on prosthetics, then to run — competing at the national and international level as a champion sprinter, and setting world records at the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta. At Georgetown, [...]

supporting the team

It seems only right that the first story for the new year should feature sex drugs, violence, scanty costumes, big hair, big boots, exploitation and a scandalous disregard for taste. This year the likeithateit team begin their search for the news that matters with an article from, where else? The Guardian, on the cheerleading [...]

Meanwhile in Estonia

Estonia’s favorite sport is Kiiking, which, if you’ve watched the above video, you’ll know is both strangely hypnotic and severly limited in its outcomes. However, each to their own. More about it here


I’ve always found the idea of a true democracy, that is a democracy where the citizens have a say in all decisions, fascinating. Clearly, it would be a difficult thing to achieve.  The myriad of decisions required to run a  large metropolis, let alone a country would make everyone’s involvement in every decision unworkable.  And [...]

has anything ever been this funny?

Three square

from The Guardian
The Michael Phelps diet…
Phelps kick starts his day and his metabolism with three fried-egg sandwiches, but with a few customised additions: cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and, of course, mayonnaise.
Amuse-bouche out of the way, he throws back two cups of coffee and sits down to an omelette – containing five eggs – and [...]

blood sport


I know my posts traditionally examine some aspect of art, politics or philosophy but here is a man that rolls down mountainsides on a suit made of roller skate wheels. His name is Jean-Yves Blondeau and he seems awfully nice in this video where he chats about his shtick. However, the thing is in [...]

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