I treasure my privacy

Gifted geek designs and constructs automated curtain to ensure no one sees him designing invisibility cloak….

one hundred dollar aeroplanes

From New Scientist
Take an evening stroll through a park in Brooklyn, New York, and you might spot what looks like a luminous stingray whizzing through the air above. Follow it to its landing spot and you’re bound to bump into Breck Baldwin and Mark Harder, two exhibitors from last week’s Maker Faire who spend much [...]

escalator revolution!!

Exactly what the world needs now, a new paradigm for escalators. Just think how cool the shopping malls of the future will be when they get this curvy wurvy shit happening?


As Abu Dhabi’s oil is leeched away, it has begun to search for alternatives ways of powering the lifestyle that they have come to expect.  Masdar is a city that has been designed to be completely self sustained. Or so the theory goes.  Powered by solar, with an armada of automatic electric cars that drive [...]

hipster army

Californian dreaming….

good technology

extraordinarily conspicuous consumption

Further down the page, you’ll read about artists buying houses in Detroit for one hundred dollars.  Meanwhile, the people that brought the world the Global financial crisis that completed Detroit’s collapse, will be looking at videos such as the one above, promoting the latest collaboration from Wally and Hermes – a floating island for the [...]

minimalist television

An earlier post dealt with the possibilities of a re imagined internet.  This one canvases the possibilities for television. The above poster, is one of a very impressive series by Albert Exergian (the top of the page is a little tawdry.  Scroll down for the TV stuff) in which he creates, sweetly minimal graphics for popular [...]

Classic internet

If only Penguin had designed the internet. This is one of a series of designs by French Graphic artist, Stephane Massa-Bidal.  More here.

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