Le Tour – a short introduction….

Victoria’s secret

Rapha Rides the Victorian Alps from RAPHA on Vimeo.
A 235km loop, three mountain passes with nearly 5,000 vertical meters of climbing. A lovely mini doco with some superb photography (nice in full screen HD). More cyclmania ahead of the tour…

the pain cave

Every day brings the pain fest that is the Tour De France a little closer and makes the team here at likeithateit, just that little bit more excited.  Too celebrate and ease us all into the necessary state of mind for watching hours upon hours of small thin men ride 3000 kilometres in a variety of brightly coloured lycra, here’s an [...]

The Pedersen bike

There’s always another way of doing things – from Bicycling.com
I wanted a Pedersen. I’d first seen the bike in Copenhagen several years earlier. It was fantastic-looking, like the Eiffel Tower with pedals. I couldn’t help staring every time I saw one blur by. I wanted to understand it. How did it work? What happened to [...]

oldy timey

The Tweed Run from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

a message to the world

at any cost

Ahhhh, the Tour approaches.  I shall be writing more extensively on this festival of pain as the great day draws closer, but first, as a kind of appetizer, I offer you this interview with David Millar, the great British time triallist, busted for use of EPO and now riding as the poster boy for the [...]

wooden wheels

Though I have never owned a car, eat a tofu based diet, play the acoustic guitar in a folk arpeggio style and ride my bike everywhere whilst thinking about things world leaders could do to make their people happier – I am not a hippy.  Why then does this review of a racing bike constructed [...]

the way its meant to be

This is gorgeous, take a moment, warm your heart…

bike rider

Regular readers, will know that I’m a cycling obsessive.  I came to the sport quite late in my long and unlikely life after no longer being able to afford the bus and turning in desperation to the rusted old bicycle that had spent the last two years outside the block of flats I lived in [...]

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