Would you live in a house made of empty beer cans, old tires and discarded soda bottles? Garbage like this is what renegade architect Michael Reynolds transforms into “earthships” — eco-friendly homes with surprisingly pleasing aesthetics and tiny (or nonexistent) power bills.
Author of six books on green building and energy-independent, eco-friendly homes, and the subject [...]

mountain top finish

This Sunday, the riders of the Tour de France will enter the Alps and the final shakedown of the general classement will begin, before the return to Paris. It is of course the high mountains that provide cycling fans the greatest pleasure, conversely derived from the rider’s greatest pain. An alpine stage of the tour [...]


“Le Tour” is into its fourth stage tonight, a 24k time trial and one of the first tests of the classification riders, so I shall be hunkered down in front of the telly with a cold bottle of champers and a disc of warm Brie urging Cadel on to victory.
Now I promised earlier this month [...]

Men in Lycra

After decades of quiet fandom, I finally saw Kraftwerk at the Sydney Big Day out in 2005. It was a curious experience. Neither Sydney nor Kraftwerk were ready for each other. They wandered onto the Boiler room stage in the late afternoon of a sweltering day to encounter ten thousand shirtless, sweating, loved up, Sydneysiders [...]

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