Religious face off!

there is a choice….

holy roller

This is Benny Hinn an American Pastor who makes $200 million dollars a year – though not everyone is convinced he’s the real thing….
The death metal parody

with his Jesus jacket

here’s the real thing…..

and here he is drunk on the holy spirit – whisky I think

Literature in America….

Jesus Christ!

Who would have thought? From Phil Zuckerman at the Huffington Post
The results from a recent poll published by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life ( reveal what social scientists have known for a long time: White Evangelical Christians are the group least likely to support politicians or policies that reflect the actual [...]

In a twist….

From The Guardian
American yoga practitioners are abuzz with a new controversy rocking their once boutique but now rapidly commercialising industry: magazine advertising and public yoga classes featuring unabashed nudity. The controversy pits seasoned yoga teachers and other spiritual purists, who abhor the growing trend, against a new generation of aggressive yoga “entrepreneurs”, anxious to [...]


God Bless Sinead O’Connor, she surely was fighting a battle that others have only just begun.  Remember her performance on Saturday Night Live? Once thought to be the histrionic act of a prima donna eager to shock, it now seems like nothing short of the first blow against systemic abuse by a regime that cares [...]


One of the big stories in the US political spectrum right now is the Conservatives attempts to redraft the Bible to eliminate any liberal bias. You read that correctly, to remove the liberal bias from God’s word. The results, though  imbued with a chilly Orwellian double think, are nonetheless, hilarious and rich food for satire.  [...]

toying with the Klan

Enjoy this excellent story of how one man’s wit, wisdom and love held off the KKK

missionary zeal

Christianity has taken many forms in its brief two thousand year history, from the sublime contemplations of Thomas Aquinas, to the barbarism of the Spanish Inquisition.  Yet there is little more sickening than the crude, proud distortions of the Westboro Church in this “adaptation” of “We Are the World”.  For a completely chilling illustration of [...]

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