A higher power

We all knew there were some very strange things going on in the Bush regime.  You can’t just invade a couple of countries without alerting some of the little people to the fact that weird shit was going down.  And as those involved begin to reflect on their responsibility in the catastrophic circumstances they have [...]


From The Guardian, Tenzin Palmo describes her life of solitude and contemplation,
Eventually my guru, Khamtrul Rinpoche, told me to go and practise in the mountain region of Lahaul. It was a lovely monastery, but it wasn’t always quiet. I’d heard about a nearby cave and wanted to go there, but local people said it wasn’t [...]

what about faith in reason?


The always brilliant Doonesbury’s take on the Evangelical’s Intelligent Design theorys

Great moments in American Soap

Is this what life is like the White House now?

finally tonight, Jesus…

dangerous words

I loath Salman Rushdie’s writing, indeed have never even been able to finish one of his books, though I would like to, so I could be assured of the fact that I hated it all the way through and not just the first three chapters that I picked through in nauseated affront at the verbose [...]


The flying spaghetti monster

For those who weren’t geeky enough to know this already, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is an idea that atheists use to taunt believers. The concept is straightforward, they simply say that a deity made of Flying Spagehtti and meatballs is just as likely as an old man in the air. Some people find [...]

Turning the other cheek.

The likeithateit team visited Jerusalem last year and were mightily impressed. We spent many contented hours wandering the labyrinthine alleys and lanes of the old city ooohing and ahhhing at the beauty and antiquity of the Churches, Mosques and Synagogues and were astounded to see just how extraordinarily close, the Dome of the Rock, The [...]

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