this is one problem that’s not going away

The GFC caught everyone’s attention for a while there, but peak oil is on its way.  Oh Happy Days!
From Jeff Rubin at The Globe and Mail

No one seems to want to acknowledge the inconvenient truth that conventional oil supply (i.e. the type of low-cost fuel you can afford to burn) has not grown since [...]

checkout girl

From The Independent

Supermarkets are veritable treasure troves but unfortunately everything has to be paid for. Sometimes, though, the temptation to steal is just too strong. It’s only human. But if you don’t want to get caught, dear customer, avoid the following ploys, which are all-too-well known [...]


Having already defaced the earth with its eye wearying banality, advertisers are tooling up to take on the cosmos.  Are there no limits to human ingenuity?
It’s one giant leap for robot-kind. New Shadow Shaping technology creates images on the Moon that can be seen from Earth. Robots are used to create several small ridges in [...]

Actor needed for one days work.

from Craigslist
My deceased aunt gave my two kids a Cocker Spaniel a few months back. The dog has been a terror and become overwhelming for me. I am a single father raising two young children. I cannot face telling the kids that the dog must go. I have found a good home for the dog, [...]

The Zombies Have Taken Over the Asylum

Nice piece by Tina Brown in the Daily Beast about the problem with so much of the world of work…
The carnage in media jobs accelerated last week with hundreds getting whacked at Viacom, NBC, Time Inc., and my own esteemed publisher Doubleday. One of the runners-up in the Person of the Year award by the [...]

corporate responsibility

One often hears the big end of town grumbling about government regulation, how it stifles enterprise and the independence that leads to a wealthy society. Whenever you hear this talk just stop for a moment and think about asbestos, or thalidomide or Bhopal.  It was twenty four years ago today that the Union Carbide factory [...]

potato peeler

From Vanity Fair
“Even by the standards of café society, Joe cut a noticeably soigné figure in his classic, British-made Chester Barrie suits and bold shirts and ties from Turnbull & Asser. The clothes went well with his English accent and late-period Sean Connery salt-and-pepper beard. He looked so distinguished and was so free with the [...]

unnecessary spending

From the Wall Street Journal
“According to a new survey by Prince & Assoc., more than 80% of multimillionaires who had extra-marital lovers planned to cut back on their gifts and allowances. Still, only 12% of the multimillionaire cheaters said they plan to give up on their lovers altogether for financial reasons.
“Rich people are getting hit, [...]

and so it follows

This is a story that most of my Sydney readers would probably already be aware of. Yet I bring it your atention, because I think it is a fitting illustration of the dark Darwinian nightmare that lurks beneath the combover of many a corporate leader.  Gerry Harvey says in regard to helping homeless people, in the book, [...]

managerial FAQ

Here’s an extract from a useful manual on dealing with management.  More here
Section 5: What does that mean?

5.1: My manager doesn’t speak English. At least, I don’t think so.
Managers have evolved their own set of words, just like technical jargon, to communicate more effectively. Unfortunately, one of the [...]

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