robot pours drink!

We’re a bunch of robot-o-philes here at likeithateit, principally, because we long for the day when we can laze around by the pool whilst our robotic proxy does all of our work writing blog posts and what have you, (as opposed to our robot overloads hunting us down with nasty killer drones). So this video [...]

they’re coming….

Awesome roboticness from the masters of the uncanny valley, the people that brought you Big Dog – Boston Dynamics

at last, a drinking companion…

first they catch balls….

This is a robot…

the dumbest kind of smart

This article from Wired does a nice job of summarising current approaches to AI, particularly the use of algorithms and mimicry to establish effective patterns of behaviour…
AI researchers began to devise a raft of new techniques that were decidedly not modeled on human intelligence. By using probability-based algorithms to derive meaning from huge amounts of [...]

roach a matic

We love robots here at likeithateit because one day we’ll be their pets, so its good to let them know ahead of time, how fond you are of them…

men of steel

Yes, I realise, its just men doing push ups and wanting to smash things with their iron clad fists whilst wearing an iron man suit – but, one day we’ll all be like this….


Ever deeper into the uncanny valley, Japanese robotocists working on facial movement reproduction have created this extraordinary “machine” that echos their own expressions. Scan ahead to 1:30, if you’re time poor, for an amazing array of eye movements, frowns and blinks that are truly persuasive. The banks of the future will be filled with [...]

dancing robot

The greatest advances in robotics appear to be occurring on the battlefield and on the dance floor. Once these two lines of research merge, discos could become very dangerous places. Or else wars will be choreographed.  Either way, this video is proof, if more was needed, that the uncanny valley, is very deep.

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