robot v model

A wonderful piece of theatre at this Alexander McQueen show. Robot on girl action starts at 30sec.

home google!

Whilst all the other tech companies are worried about the web, google have been quietly making the world digital – now this.  Cars that drive themselves, already happening, already done over a hundred thousand miles…. more here
Larry and Sergey founded Google because they wanted to help solve really big problems using technology. And one of [...]

It begins part 2 ……

This video like the one below is also quite dull. But again, if they’re designing giant swarms of robot planes, I think it my duty to bring this news to your attention so you can better defend yourselves once the robots finally start taking things into their own, prefabricated hands….

it begins….

This video is actually quite dull, but nonetheless, I thought it my responsibility to bring to you any news of a robot learning to use a weapon as it may prove useful in the coming machine wars…..

a softer friendlier future

say hello to your new silicon overlords, on a game show near you

From The New York Times
By the end of the day, the seven human contestants were impressed, and even slightly unnerved, by Watson. Several made references to Skynet, the computer system in the “Terminator” movies that achieves consciousness and decides humanity should be destroyed. “My husband and I talked about what my role in this [...]

my mechanical heart

I’m Here, A Love Story
If this short film by Spike Jonze, about two robots in love, doesn’t break your heart, then you’re just not a real robot…..

vac man

These clever kids spent hundreds of hours hacking the robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba to play a real world version of Pacman

robot to robot

Some clever soul over at Reddit got the AI bot cleverbot to talk to the AI bot Alice, the result is intriguing and almost makes sense.  Note the discussion about humanity toward the middle of this dialogue.  Unnerving?

I used each bot’s respective web interfaces to enter the other’s responses. (I used Cleverbot’s “Think for me!” [...]

here they come

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