turning a bad situation into an opportunity

Stephan Zielinski did the only thing you can do when you’re faced with the possibility of a deadly disease ravaging the earth’s entire population, he turned its DNA code into ambient music.  Now we’ll be able to hear what’s killing us…
Swine flu has been sequenced.  More out of curiosity than anything else, I wrote code [...]

At any cost

Here is an interesting, if brutal  analysis of English paper, The Daily Mail’s various approaches to the subject of the cervical cancer vaccination in different territories. Layscience cynically suggest that the contradictory stances may be due to the fact that the newspapers will say whatever they think their readership want to hear in an effort [...]

them bones them bones

If I was a soldier, I’d find this latest success in The Pentagon’s research program unnerving. One can only imagine how cavalier they’d be with human life, if they could feel confident that any limbs their soldiers mighjt lose, could be quickly grown back. It remind me of nothing more than the Monty Python scene [...]

the ubermensch is coming

from The Irish Times
“The first British baby genetically selected to be free of a breast cancer gene has been born, doctors said today. She grew from an embryo screened to ensure it did not contain the faulty BRCA 1 gene, which passes the risk of breast cancer down generations.
University College London said the mother and [...]


From The New York Times
“Travelers to Africa and Asia all have their favorite forms of foreign aid to “make a difference.” One of mine is a miracle substance that is cheap and actually makes people smarter.
Unfortunately, it has one appalling side effect. No, it doesn’t make you sterile, but it is just about the least [...]


from Scientific American
Eight years ago, when Erik Ramsey was 16, a car accident triggered a brain stem stroke that left him paralyzed. Though fully conscious, Ramsey was completely paralyzed, essentially “locked in,” unable to move or talk. He could communicate only by moving his eyes up or down, thereby answering questions with a yes or [...]

the plasticine genome

Here’s a remarkable story involving genetic manipulation, parenthood and hope…
“Little Javier, born this past Sunday, is the first “genetically engineered” baby in Spain to be both free of his family’s hereditary disease and transplant-compatible with his older brother. His family decided to undergo a genetic pre-implant diagnosis treatment, hoping both for a second child, and [...]


from The Guardian
“Dr Frederic Brandt has several claims to fame. He is, for instance, the largest user of injectable collagen and Botox – in the world. ‘I just love fillers!’ he tells me. And how. When we meet at his New York clinic he wastes no time in revealing that he regularly injects himself.
‘The last [...]


I have been known to enjoy the occasional drink.  Indeed, I have a mellow glass of red beside me now.  Yet I am loath to encourage the kind of binge drinking hero boozer mythology that still seems to excite so many of the men in this country.  I have seen too many people suffer [...]

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