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For the next week or so he likeithateit team will be visiting a part of the world that does not have computers! Sadly there will be no updates during this period.  Rest assured, when we return, the good times will roll, just as they always have, here at likeithateit land.
Best wishes for you and yours [...]


Here is an exceptional read from the HTML Times, that features  white whales, Melville, sperm jokes, famous physics experiments, cannibalism, exploding stars, dark matter and a man named Owen Coffin. From Dylan Thurras

“It would appear that something is blasting our universe apart— an awkward situation, to say the least. As a resident of the universe, [...]

Video Tuesday

Angel of Death in eight bit! -LOVE the guitar solo….

Louis CK on Conan Doyle discussing modern life

Peter Schiff the man who called the crisis back in 2007 is still way hardcore in this ultra glossy US economics show

I don’t want to alarm anyone

But the last post, the one under this one, about the strange dark forces pulling at the very edge of our universe? I just noticed that was post six hundred and sixty six.  Thank the Lord the likeithateit team has passed that milestone. Here’s to post 667!

sad shark is sad, in an ocean of procrastination

The CIA kid’s page? Believe it…
Why I’ll be the Best ‘Psycho’ Ex-Girlfriend You’ve Ever Had!
Colbert v O’Reilly
believing illusions
city of shadows
silent world
and a Warp records release with an extremely unusual film clip for some pretty whacky disco that is most definitely not suitable for work

an embarassment of riches

The Booker Prize has been announced and looks like we’re all going to have to read another novel set in India…
Sarah Palin as the President of the United States – an extraordinary visualization
And here’s John Cleese on Sarah Palin
If banks were transformers?
The most extraordinarily curious wisdom of the Buddha…
This is a fascinating but probably useless [...]

everything under the sun

A very high resolution photograph of the sun.
A clever joke about the number pi, binary numbers and infinity for those who are that way inclined…
At last full screen youtube high def!
National debt too big for clock
The cow that was too curious
And a superior collection of pop star TV cameos – most particularly check out Boy [...]

Mister Kafka goes for a swim

I had this dream just last week.  This hapless Spanish gentleman, went for a swim in the moat at the Kyoto palace to retrieve his lady friend’s purse, when events quickly escalated…
What is life like for a sex researcher?
Does this cat really need a sex change?
Have humans reached the limits of evolution?
Only in Australia would [...]

left click right click

Here’s a few links for the restless
How to land a jumbo jet (on that rare occassion when the pilot decided to eat the fish)
Absolutely incredible revhead video of Icelanders driving ridiculously overpowered cars over wild arctic wasteland whilst the world’s worst house music plays in the background
Obama Buttons!
Hypnosis party tricks
Rap about life in Russian army [...]

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