Salut! I’ve been putting in beaucoup heures of etuding French this year. But it seems, there really was no point to it. I just needed a google phone. I wander if anyone will bother to learn languages in the future? Somehow, I feel cheated…


lost in translation

Here a Latin scholar talks about some of the errors in translation he has found in the work of  tattoo artists
Every couple of months the department gets another Latin translation request for either a tattoo or a slogan of some sort.
Most of them would be inane in English, so I suppose I should applaud the [...]

office talk

On the nature of gossip as a subject of anthropological research
From The NY Times

Could adults gossiping in the office be more devious than the teenagers in “Gossip Girl”?
If you have a hard time believing this, then you must have skipped the latest issue of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Perhaps you saw “ethnography” and assumed [...]


From Slate
Speakers at the United Nations are supposed to deliver their speeches in one of the organization’s six official languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. U.N. interpreters then translate the lecture into the other five languages. If the speaker doesn’t use an official language—either as a political statement or because he doesn’t [...]

blue language

I remain immune to twitter, for the same reason I have never tried heroin – I fear addiction and the wasted years of enslavement to an empty, purposeless life.  I have that already.  Yet, amusing twitter memes are invading the net like cockroaches in a Sydney restaraunt. This site, Cursebird allows you to see every [...]

you will do as i say, even if its impossible

Management can be a difficult job.  It is lonely at the top, particularly when you’re a sociopath. Here are some quotes from a magazine, (the name of which has been lost in the mists of the digital ether, so I am unable to attribute at this stage) that ran a contest to find the management [...]

tounge tied

Every year the likeithateit team sit around the likeithateit office and make their end of year resolutions in earnest as they swill the taste of vegetarian party pies from their mouths with warm passion pop.  Every year its the same, walk the Hindu Kush and learn French.  Needless to say, mon amis, we let ourselves [...]

get a dictionary

Whilst I can admire the spirit of egalitarianism with which this English council may be acting in banning any latin laguage from their communication, I can do nothing but condemn their actions as misguided, terrifying and boneheaded.
from The London Telegraph
Local authorities have ordered employees to stop using the words and phrases on documents and [...]

Recrement the niddering malison of embrangled wordiness

(From Time Magazine) Here are a list of words the Collins English Dictionary want to discard to make room for up to 2,000 new entries.  Your challenge: to make a sentence using any five…
Abstergent: Cleansing
Agrestic: Rural
Apodeictic: Unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration
Caducity: Perishableness
Caliginosity: Dimness
Compossible: Possible in coexistence with something else
Embrangle: To confuse
Exuviate: To shed
Fatidical: [...]

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