a foolish young man

In this video, you will watch a man climb the face of a mountain at astounding speed, with no safety harness, ropes, or aids. In effect, he runs up the face of a cliff whilst terrible heavy metal music plays in the background. Is this a sensible thing to do? Turn the sound down and [...]


An unusual approach to energy efficiency.

we do not forget….

Here’s an interesting story on the power of 4chan’s grown up alter ego – anonymous – everyone’s favorite schoolyard bully

From Newsvine

Sometime over the past few months the Tea Party, and more specifically the Oregon Tea Party, went shopping for a new slogan. They desired something pithy, no doubt, that was emblematic of their [...]


You, would no doubt, have read about Julian Assange and the extraordinary work he is doing with Wikileaks.  This interview on TED illustrates the methods he uses, the dangers he faces and the impact of the website on world events.  It is all in all, a wonderful illustration of the corrosive power of truth on [...]

a terrible disaster

This man managed to evade regulations governing independent flights over the slick on the Gulf of Mexico and took photographs and videos of the damage including some of dolphins and whales dying in the slick. Sad.

how to save a life



From The LA Times
This is combat in the age of video games and virtual reality. Even though drone pilots operate from half a world away, they are as engaged in deadly combat as any pilot inside an airplane.
A drone pilot can fire on an insurgent dug into the Afghan hills and be home in time [...]

Rhapsody in blue


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