Many of the likeithateit team members own cats, indeed one of them may well be sitting on this writer’s lap (the cat that is, not the team member). So it is no surprise to learn that most of history’s great writers (like Mister Beckett above) were cat lovers.  This site has a delightful compendium of [...]

a bird in the hand is worth…

Thousands of sparrows in the sky over Holland.

tired of looking at your dog’s anus?

Its difficult I know, to resist the urge.  The puckered little hole, open to the air. Who wouldn’t be forced to stare at its malign presence, source of filth and wretchedness.  Poor creature unclothed, uncultured, ignorant of its shame.  Butt (whoops) now we can hide its moral failure, with these delightful anus covers – only [...]

flying snakes

We’re fucked…

Paradoxical effects

From Al.com

GULF OF MEXICO — Scientists are starting to believe the most powerful environmental effect stemming from the BP oil spill may have nothing to do with the millions of gallons of petroleum loosed in the Gulf of Mexico.
Instead, ongoing research suggests the federal closure of the richest portion of the Gulf to all [...]

snails on crystal meth

From The Register
In a development whose importance it would be difficult to exaggerate, scientists have produced research answering one of the great questions facing humanity in the 21st century: what happens if you get snails hopped up on crystal meth and poke them with sticks?
The drug-pushing scientists in question are Barbara Sorg of Washington State [...]

bird brain

How smart are crows?


up in the air

a whale of a story (sorry)

What happened next?

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