solar gets real….

With Julia and her mandate hating comrades in the socio anarchist Labor party delivering us into the hands of chaos with the delivery of this big new tax thingy, it must come as quite a relief to Tony Abbott to find out that solar power is getting cheaper by the day. And we’re not talking [...]

safer, blander…

for no other reason than its epic coolness – a model of Stephenson’s steam engine made from glass…

finally a use for your smartphone and for lego and for rubik’s cubes…..


how the fuck does fibre optic cable work?


juggling efficiently


This very pleasant young man has developed an amazing piece of software that can learn what an object looks like and then track it. He talks enthusiastically of all the possible peaceful uses for it without ever once mentioning the fact that it’s called PREDATOR!

kidney printing machines, self driving cars, pornaholics and the end of men.

May God one day permit me to attend a TED conference.  Surely that must be the very coolest place in the world to be today.  Though, given how incredibly popular it is becoming, it may well have jumped the shark. This Guardian article gives a round up of the stuff that has been happening this year. The [...]

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