no hands….

but how long is the hose?

the future part 137

out with the old…

The rise of new powers

Here’s an intriguing development – China’s rise as the world’s next global superpower is progressing well – from Aviation Defence magazine
The latest buzz on Internet is that the China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group is preparing to test its first stealth aircraft known to world as the J-XX.
According to enthusiasts living nearby, the aircraft has already [...]

printed music

As the year fades into memory lets look to the future….

home brew

This prosthetic hand though not necessarily impressive compared to some of the devices we have been seeing recently, is in fact extraordinary when you consider it was made by a son for his father out of parts scavenged from an old printer. Amazing.

in depth meeting

This guy has taken the Microsoft Kinect open source model and done some extraordinary things, including this, his latest, face to face meetings in three dimensions. It goes to show just how good the open source platform is for encouraging innovation.

Oh My God! Its the future……

The world’s simplest mobile phone…

From Intomobile
Tired of all the bells and whistles that come complete in today’s cellphones? Hi-res cameras, speedy processors and cool apps just aren’t your thing? Or perhaps you’re simply too addicted to today’s technology that you can’t put it down? Whatever the case may be for you, John’sPhone is a wonderful breath of fresh air. [...]

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