To geek or not to geek

I am a serious googlophile. Therefore, I have an “igoogle” home page upon which, for the last two years or so, a happy little fox has been taking tea, doing his laundry or fishing for fish in his happy little lake. I have never seen him catch a fish or indeed wear any clothes. But [...]


My favorite dinosaurs

Small Minds – Big Laughs

If your idea of a good time is sniggering at childish voices then you’re in for a treat. Here’s the cast of Spongebob Squarepants performing Casablanca. Fill your mouth with coffee and get ready to snort it all over your screen.

There’s feeling good and then there’s feeling GOOD….


I knew it would be an interesting ride when the taxi driver handed me a large bunch of flowering basil he’d picked from the weeds growing at the side of the road. We were still 150 kilometres from Petra, it was the middle of Ramadan, I couldn’t speak Arabic, our driver couldn’t speak English and [...]

Matty Clyde, 1968-2008.

Matty and I both met Jeff Buckley at the Coogee Bay hotel back in the summer of 1995. Jeff Buckley was everybody’s hero at the time. A talent that held our beating hearts in his hands, a voice that was the soundtrack to a world beyond understanding, filled with beauty and pain, [...]

Ride the rails.

I loved the Beats when I was a kid, I soaked up Kerouac and Ginsberg like mother’s milk and thought “The Dharma Bums” was a depiction of the ideal life. Here are some photos by a guy who uses the sobriquet “The Polaroid Kidd” (his parents called him Mike Brodie), that brings the freewheelin’ [...]

old favourites….

Cai Guo-Quiang is having his first “mid-career” retrospective (not sure how many mid career retrospectives you can have) in NYC at the Guggenheim, which is very exciting for anyone who happens to live in NYC. For the rest of us its a moment to look back on one of my very favorite installations, [...]

speaker envy

Here’s a rather elegant installation from the 51ยช Bienal de Veneza. I love a bit of obscure electronic bleeping in my art, couple that with some extremely large hanging speakers and ground water and you have me for life. God only knows how loud this is, but the idea of it excites me. [...]

Do you like music?

This is pretty straightforward. You type in a song you want to hear and it plays. Its an infinite jukebox that you don’t need change for. Very cool. I’m not sure the artists agree….

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