Mind your P’s and Q’s

Apostrophes can be tricky. Grammar a minefield. English is a living language, which means that most of the time its struggling to escape whatever tenuous hold we have on it. They were more relaxed back in Mallory’s day, where a single page of the Morte’Darthur would have as many as six [...]

picture a world

Interface design doesn’t just make managing your emails easier. We are moving into a world within which this kind of design will, in a very real, way structure our knowledge. Ontology and epistemology¬† meet on the surface of the screen. Unless the design is open, flexible and intuitive we are going to find [...]


Crows are beautiful, their blue black feathers darker than pitch, the wattle beneath their neck, their extraordinary size and the sad as yesterday cry. That sound always reminds me of long drives through the bush when I was a child watching as the crows would flap mournfully over the vast dry fields of the [...]

Two Halves of the Same question

Jill Bolte Taylor is neuroscientist who suffered a stroke. She was one of the fortunate ones. She survived more or less intact. Her stroke only affected the left half of her brain. In a sense, she was able to experience her very own neuro-scientific experiment within which she underwent the very [...]


Jessye Norman singing Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde, conducted by Von Karajan. Surely one of the most beautiful performances ever recorded.
Though it may not be to all of my readers taste – for you, heres critical metrics a music aggregator site that scours all of the best music review sites and brings you the cream [...]


Zombie movies have never been more popular. Indeed going to the multiplex these days involves choosing between films that feature zombies or those starring Keira Knightly, who has zombie characteristics. Film theory tells us the secret to enjoying zombie films is in recognising that the zombies stand for us. [...]


I hope you’ll all be watching the Eurovision final on Sunday night….
Here’s my favorite, Elnur & Samir from Azerbaijan.

The Real News

Being a keen follower of American politics, I can’t help but notice that the best commentary in the country is coming from comedy shows. Whether this can be attributed to the nature of the administration or the extraordinary reduction in journalistic standards led by that clownish sociopathic tweaker of the outraged right Bill O’Reilly [...]

They fight crime

Stuck for an idea? Just keep clicking and they’ll keep giving. Never runs dry. Never lets you down. They fight crime!

A great read

I’ve been looking for this book my whole life – though in truth, I probably don’t need it. Actually, I could have written it. Reviews include the phrases, “bitter, sad” and “an appropriate title.”

So once you’ve lost all your friends you’ll be wanting to start your own country. Its easier than you think [...]

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