ten by ten

With more than a trillion web pages to check every morning – keeping on top of the world wide web can get pretty tiring. Thats where a site like ten by ten can help. Its an interesting new aggregator that uses a sweet graphical interface to make sure you’re aware of all of [...]


Date a millionaire (you know you’re worth it)

The music of the spheres

Here’s a fascinating account of the relationship between music and geometry. It relies, as such things do, on a few heavy handed metaphors, but is still a solid and engaging analysis of one of the most intriguing ideas of all, that music is math…
Roughly 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras observed that objects, such as the [...]


I may have flirted with Marxism in my youth, surely we all did in those callow days of bong smoking, dole bludging and easy sex. Older and wiser and I still espouse the ideals of the left but recognise that Liberal Democracy is in many ways an ideal mechanism for governance. Well, maybe [...]

faster faster faster

This is truly stupid and yet, like many truly stupid things, diverting, probably for about the time it takes you to try it once sand then realise its a waste of time. Speed reader claims to allow you to “speed read” at 300wpm. It does this by taking the text that you paste into [...]


No question, the squeamish amongst you will have to look away at key moments, yet Gnarls Barkley’s new video is as good a film of a heart singing the new electro soul as you will see today

chicken tonight

Beyond surreal, this advertisement for, I think, chicken kiev, could well be the Soviet Union’s most extraordinary cultural achievement, beyond Tatlin’s Tower, Malevich’s Suprematism or Schoenberg’s Serialism, this bizarre concoction of echoed soundtrack, smiling models, meat grinder and happy chickens makes for an advertisemebt that will stay with you for a looooong time – perhaps [...]

The Happiest Place in the World

Sailing from Santa Cruz, in the eastern Solomons, it took us five days to reach Anuta.
It was one of the most tedious journeys I have made, the continuous pitching of our small yacht making it impossible to either read or write. So it was with some relief when the speck of land that was Anuta [...]

Trouble with your briefs?


“The concept behind the StupidFilter Project originated during a conversation between Gabriel Ortiz and Paul Starr. StupidFilter was conceived out of necessity. Too long have we suffered in silence under the tyranny of idiocy. In the beginning, the internet was a place where one could communicate intelligently with similarly erudite people. Then, Eternal September hit [...]

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