Righteous Rage

There’s really nothing quite as entertaining as angry people, particularly people angry about software, particularly graphic designers angry about adobe products.  The following is the top ten whinges from a website called Dear Adobe.  Feel the rage….

Make my 2009 Photoshop faster than Photoshop 3.5
Lower your prices
Why do you install six “helper” applications [...]

The End of the World As We Know it

I know I’ve been putting up a lot of youtube recently, its getting to be more like a TV station round here, but lets face it, how many of you even remember how to read?  Partiicularly those of you reading this.  Regardless, this was just too good not to post – its hard to believe [...]


Just to show you how mixed up crazy the politics in this American presidential campaign are at the moment take a look at this response by Pat Buchanan to Obama’s nomination acceptance speech.  Pat is an arch conservative and long time enemy of liberalism, yet he not only liked it, he loved it! Spooky…

Yes we can….


Since the first stirrings of political consciousness in my pubescent mind, the idea that I could be a useful member of society, has meant being informed. So it was, that I would read the Sydney Morning Herald, dutifully at first, and then as the years advanced, as a significant part of my life.  No day [...]


This flowchart of “Things to say during sex” should be on every persons bedroom wall.  I was particularly intrigued by the “no, no, don’t stop!” path….


This is Zombo com

You can do anything at zombo com

running on empty

Truly, the fight from hell…

from wikipedia
“On 22 July 1983, the day before the incident flight, Air Canada’s Boeing 767  flew from Toronto to Edmonton where it underwent routine checks. The next day it was flown to Montreal. Following a crew change, it departed Montreal as Flight 143 for the return trip to Edmonton [...]

Burn After Reading

Here’s the Guardian review of the latest Coen brothers film, hot off the press…
Set in Washington DC, at the heart of America’s political establishment, it moves in four directions at the same time. Osbourne Cox (Malkovich) is a superannunated CIA analyst who is given the push and rancorously starts writing his memoirs. A computer disc [...]

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