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Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza, (January 22, 1909 in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic – July 5, 1965 in Bois de Boulogne, France) was a Dominican diplomat, polo player and race car driver who competed in the 1950 and 1954 24 Hour of Le Mans, but was best known as an international playboy for his [...]

in a world beyond taste

Nothing can explain the horrors of taste displayed on this website.  If I were any of these poodles, I would be taking the kind of direct action that would likely lead to a prolonged stay in the kennel before meeting the needle of the long sleep. Yet, surely any fate would be better than having [...]

color coding

I love this photographic series from JeongMee Yoon.  You can see from the pics whats going on. Pink for girls, boy for blues. But, these are parents haven’t been half hearted in their determination to color code gender. More here

I feel like dancing…

From Discovery magazine
“Aug. 1, 2008 — In July of 1518, a woman referred to as Frau Troffea stepped into a narrow street in Strasbourg, France and began a fervent dancing vigil that lasted between four and six days. By the end of the week, 34 others had joined her and, within a month, the crowd [...]


I’ve always found the idea of a true democracy, that is a democracy where the citizens have a say in all decisions, fascinating. Clearly, it would be a difficult thing to achieve.  The myriad of decisions required to run a  large metropolis, let alone a country would make everyone’s involvement in every decision unworkable.  And [...]

Is it going to rain today?

Well is it?


“It’s a tradition white collars in Japan bring their own home-packed meal (aka. bento) to work instead of eating out. But when there are twenty colleagues lining up for a single microwave oven, it’s time to seek other alternatives to heat up your cold lunch. This is where Thanko USB Lunch Bag comes in.
The [...]

you ain’t seen nothing yet

Beijing Smog
From The Guardian
“Van der Veer pointed out that the financial crisis would be a problem for a couple of years, “but the energy challenge will be a problem for at least 50 years”.
He told the audience to face three hard truths. First, the world’s population will increase from 6 to 9 billion over the [...]


I can’t explain why I like this so much – perhaps I’m a furry?

widescreen, comments enabled

All new administrations start out with hope, optimism and a faith in humanity. Remarkably, Barack, is continuing the tradition of the weekly address to the nation not on radio, but on Youtube and now in a widescreen, embeddable format and with comments enabled. So far the comments are warm, positive and even a little [...]

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