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For the next week or so he likeithateit team will be visiting a part of the world that does not have computers! Sadly there will be no updates during this period.  Rest assured, when we return, the good times will roll, just as they always have, here at likeithateit land.
Best wishes for you and yours [...]


From Quirky Japan
Nippon Television’s (NTV) producers have obviously never heard of the Geneva Convention.  If they had, they wouldn’t have treated poor Nasubi the way they did.  They wouldn’t have stripped him naked and shut him in an apartment, alone with no food, [...]

cognitive behavioral theory

I have never had a lot of time for cognitive behavioral theory, thinking it an invention of the crass and unsubtle Americans, incapable of accepting the complexity of the human and instead hammering away at the symptoms like maniacal Pavlovians.  Yet this little story from The New Yorker on Albert Ellis impressed me.  I was [...]

someone special


Oh George!

We’ll miss him…

a very old computer

The Antikythera mechanism is deeply cool.  Apart from any of its other intrinsicaly cool aspects, it proves that ancient dudes were way smarter than we thought they were. Here Michael Wright, of the Imperial College London and noted Antikythera devotee, demonstrates his working model of the mechanism, gleaned from years of study and x-ray imaging.  [...]

you will do as i say, even if its impossible

Management can be a difficult job.  It is lonely at the top, particularly when you’re a sociopath. Here are some quotes from a magazine, (the name of which has been lost in the mists of the digital ether, so I am unable to attribute at this stage) that ran a contest to find the management [...]

pesky time travellers

From Ananova
Archeologists in China are baffled after finding a tiny Swiss watch in a 400-year-old tomb.

The watch ring was discovered as archeologists were making a documentary with two journalists from Shangsi town.
“When we tried to remove the soil wrapped around the coffin, a piece of rock suddenly dropped off and hit the ground with a [...]

tough questions for the secret service

From 23/6
1. Shouldn’t you have jumped in front of that shoe?
2. Shouldn’t you have jumped in front of that second shoe?
3. Second shoe = the one thrown after being removed from foot after first shoe was thrown.
4. Let’s say people had three feet. Would you have allowed a third shoe to fly unimpeded?
5. While [...]

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