A letter from the Subcontinent

Dear Readers,
Apologies for the recent break in communications. The likeithateit team have been travelling the subcontinent in search of adventure. We have found it. Sadly it has left us a little the worse for wear. Yet we must carry on. At least until the next steaming river, at the banks of [...]

awards in advertising

quirky, ironic, irreverent

this will blow your tiny minds…..

. How


Holger Pooten

Lots of commercial work, but some interesting personal stuff here from Holger Pooten

G Drive

From TGDaily
Chicago (IL) – Google Drive, or Gdrive as it is better known, has to be the most anticipated Google product so far. When it arrives, Gdrive will likely cause a major paradigm shift in how we use computers and bring Google one step closer to dethroning Windows on your desktop.
The service has the potential [...]


meme hungry?

The intro to this is cool, very cool, but when it gets to 1:05 everything gets deeply, deeply weird – I watched it all, but then I had nothing better to do…..

a box of chocolates

a Camberwell carrot

from The Guardian
The estate agent spec only tells half the story, describing Sleddale Hall as a “a remote Cumbrian farmhouse, built from stone and Lake District slate” and suggesting a guide price of around £145,000. For fans of the 1986 film Withnail & I, however, Sleddale Hall will always be “Uncle Monty’s cottage”, the clammy [...]

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