I (really am) robot

a very cool story, if you love robots the way I love robots, from the Guardian
An elaborate electronic helmet that allows the wearer to control a robot by thought alone has been unveiled by researchers in Japan.
Scientists at the Honda Research Institute demonstrated the invention today by using it to move the arms and legs [...]


from the Shanghai Daily
FOREIGN men have been losing their attraction as potential husbands for unmarried Chinese women since the global financial crisis started, a survey by a matchmaker Website shows.
The survey, carried out by www.hongniang.com, used the US banker Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy in September 2008 as a starting point.
Before the crisis, 6,594 women who were [...]

meanwhile in Japan…


The Franz Kafka International Airport

Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport
For lovers of Mister K

super fry

from Consumer Energy Report (who?)

NIF’s 192 laser beams, housed in a ten-story building the size of three football fields, travel a long path, about 1,000 feet, from their birth at one of the two master oscillators to the center of the target chamber. As the beams move through NIF’s amplifiers, their energy increases exponentially. From [...]

The World’s Saddest Lion

is sad…

must not check email, must not check….what nothing?

from Wired
A colleague once defined “work” as “that which you accomplish while not distracted by the internet,” and he was onto something. Anyone who works on a computer  understands how easily personal communication (e-mail, instant messaging, social networks) can distract from the task at hand. Eyebeam Lab’s Steve Lambert, creator of Add-Art and co-creator of [...]

cold war

Its not like you could go out on the back step for a cigarette and a chance to cool off…
from the BBC
A Russian cosmonaut has complained he is no longer allowed to use a US toilet as well as a US exercise bike.
Gennady Padalka, 50, told Russia’s Novaya Gazeta newspaper the lack of sharing was [...]

step-by-step guide to destroying civilization with nanotechnology.

I missed this when it was on boingboing and all the other worthless clever little “happening right now” blogs that I fill my small, grey little life with….


The internet, has been unspeakably dull recently.  No singing dogs, chimps riding on segways, dolphins playing with bubbles or large men doing enthusiastic lip syncs.  Why, its even got to the point where I was thinking of going outside.  One of my team members told me that there is a “whole world out there,” whatever [...]

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