what about faith in reason?

Am I sitting in a Tin Can?

from the BBC
What would you be prepared to do for money? For $6,500 (£4,500) a month, to be precise?
How about the following: locking yourself inside a small metal container for three months without any communication with the outside world, with electronic monitors attached to various parts of your body and with frozen baby food and [...]

all you can eat

One of the many delicious things that NASA did in the seventies, was send the Pioneer deep space probe into deep space.  Right now its just passing out of our solar system, waving bye bye to Pluto as it guns for the deep interstellar vacuum.  In a fit of seventies style good vibes, the groovy [...]


From Wired, featuring a lot of delicious photography (if you were a zombie)
With $55 million, a collection of frozen human brains and robots
capable of processing 192 brain slices a day, the Allen Brain Institute
is attempting to do the impossible: systematically map out the
expression patterns of more than 20,000 genes that make our grey matter

The [...]

The Converted

Even in the most secure piece of infrastructure in the world, it seems nothing can stop the spread of information.  Here’s a story about the way the inmates and the guards of Guantanamo interacted.  Inevitably, there were some who didn’t follow the script..
From Newsweek
Army specialist Terry Holdbrooks had been a guard at Guantánamo for about [...]

your new robotic masters

I’m fascinated by AI, principally because I’m keen to find out what my new robotic masters will be like.  If you share my interest, then you’ll want to have a look at this webpage and its discussion of the difference between general AI and the kind of specific AI, that soaks up most of the [...]


As an expert dilletente I have an opinion on just about everything and according to this NYT article, its probably about as valid as some clown with a post graduate degree.
Ever wonder how financial experts could lead the world over the economic cliff?
One explanation is that so-called experts turn out to be, in many situations, [...]

The Presidents of the United States of America

Justine Lai is in the midst of in intriguing project.  She is painting herself having sex, with each of the Presidents of the United States of America.  So far she is up to Ulysses S Grant, so not too many to go. I’m not entirely sure if this is a political project, or simply the [...]

pillow talk

A delightful concept for a video, well executed…

bunny rabits

I offer this to any readers who may be students of Japanese culture. Its a perplexing amalgam, of digital animation, ultra violence, military hardware, and Beatrix Potter style bunny rabbits. Watch carefully as their floppy ears, go flippity flop, when they pull the trigger on their rack mounted 50mm machine gun….

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