turning a bad situation into an opportunity

Stephan Zielinski did the only thing you can do when you’re faced with the possibility of a deadly disease ravaging the earth’s entire population, he turned its DNA code into ambient music.  Now we’ll be able to hear what’s killing us…
Swine flu has been sequenced.  More out of curiosity than anything else, I wrote code [...]

Total immersion shopping

I love this guys, work (well at least I think its a guy) its urban camoflague, but without guns.  Ideal for shoplifting, losing your kids, or just plain old scaring the shit out of bargain hunters.  For the full impact of this arts project press play on the video.


Ever thought about becoming a superhero?  Here is a collection of people who have made the dream, real.   Or at least as real as it can be without actually having any super powers. I love lycra myself, but never been into masks, so I guess I can’t do superhero.  But one thing is for sure, [...]

the way its meant to be

This is gorgeous, take a moment, warm your heart…

the end of the musician’s union?

Watch as a robot improvises with a human in real time – incredible, next they’ll be killing us in the streets…


jumping the shark

Danger graphics from Spot Motorbike
Evel Knievel — the name is synonymous with “Danger” and “Daredevil” but, until now, not so much with “Data Diagram”.
We’ve decided to change that, though, by creating the first ever interactive infographic documenting the career of a modern superhero — a man who captured the imagination of a nation for the [...]

The Most Powerful Person in the World…

From Time magazine
In a stunning result, the winner of the third annual TIME 100 poll and new owner of the title World’s Most Influential Person is moot. The 21-year-old college student and founder of the online community 4chan.org, whose real name is Christopher Poole, received 16,794,368 votes and an average influence rating of 90 (out [...]


From the New York Times
I.B.M. plans to announce Monday that it is in the final stages of completing a computer program to compete against human “Jeopardy!” contestants. Ifthe program beats the humans, the field of artificial intelligence will have made a leap forward.
I.B.M. scientists previously devised a chess-playing program to run on a supercomputer called [...]

happy families

Fascinating story from Newsweek
Several pairs of eyes follow the girl as she pedals around the playground in an affluent suburb of Baltimore. But it isn’t the redheaded fourth grader who seems to have moms and dads of the jungle gym nervous on this recent Saturday morning. It’s the African-American man—six feet tall, bearded and wearing [...]

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