the future….

Very amusing depiction of the future…

a new model?

Fresh hope for the music industry on the web?

From the NY Times

With CD sales dropping fast, it is not hard to imagine how the major music labels could benefit from the growth of Web start-ups like Imeem. The company’s service lets people listen to songs, discover new artists and share their favorites with friends. [...]

A golden stream

All you ever needed to know about intimate water recycling (From The Independent, )
For its advocates, it is a miraculous elixir that has replaced the morning coffee as their first drink of the day; for most other people, it is bodily waste that should strictly confined to the toilet bowl. But is drinking one’s own [...]

falling down

I know, its nothing but fucking videos this morning, but they’re all so entertaining.    This one is a joke on a joke on a joke.  It all started when someone had the very clever idea of changing the subtitles on the iconic scene in Downfall, where the truth of Germanies situation is communicated to Hitler.  [...]

photo op

Genius story from The Onion
Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

toasty warm

Unsettling news from Mr Gore,

fingers crossed

If this works, then everything’s going to be sweet….
from The Guardian

A tentative first step towards an era of clean, almost limitless energy will take place today with the opening of a giant facility designed to recreate the power of the stars in an oversized warehouse in California.
The $3.5bn National Ignition Facility (NIF) sits in [...]

central processing unit

Some projects are just so uneccesary, so wildy redundant that they have to be honored. Steve Chamberlain made his own CPU out of nothing but little bits of wire. Here’s the full story from (appropriately enough) Wired magazine.

Intel’s fabrication plants can churn out hundreds of thousands of processor chips a day. [...]


How smart are crows?  Really, very smart indeed. From the BBC

Rooks have a remarkable aptitude for using tools, scientists have found.
Tests on captive birds revealed that they could craft and employ tools to solve a number of different problems.
The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, came as a surprise as [...]


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