Peak interest…

We all got distracted didn’t we?  The world economy went to shit, demand for oil slumped and last year’s prices were just a memory and then all the talk about peak oil just disappeared. Sadly, in the intervening twelve months, there has been no magical rejuvenation of hydrocarbon reserves.  Indeed in a stunning, yet so far overlooked [...]





John and Yoko in Montreal, new pictures of their bed-in at the Guardian.

Huxley V Orwell

Here’s a great head to head, Aldous Huxley versus George Orwell.  Orwell’s nightmare vision may well have been a bleaker, more compelling argument for the importance of liberalism but it is easy to overlook Huxley’s genius for understanding how contemporary society can distract us from the values that make life worth living.  This is [...]

the unbelievable truth

Wilco are a great band and perhaps my favorite album of theirs is Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  So its a shock to hear that one of the writers on that record, Jay Bennett has passed away at the age of 45.  The circumstances surrounding his death are the cause for some concern.  To think that a key musician [...]


I know, I know, its been nothing but videos here recently.  And we all know that the web is essentially a text based medium.  But this one is just so good – Clucky Chicken addresses all the concerns I’ve ever had about the happy cow on the butcher’s window…SNL – Cluckin Chicken commercial

music suggestion

The Fleet Foxes sing He Doesn’t Know Why

music suggestion

Two Weeks

Grizzly Bear and their tune Two Weeks


One can’t spend much time on the web without being asked to fill out a survey.  Typically, I avoid them like the plague but this one from web advertiser Deck, was so clever, I even blogged about it, as you can see. (I ticked A)
15. Where are you, emotionally speaking?

Not so well. I’m generally a [...]

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