dolphin style

Electricity bills getting you down?  Use this handy guide to the art of echolocation from Wired magazine and live happily in total darkness…
With just a few weeks of training, you can learn to “see” objects in the dark using echolocation the same way dolphins and bats do.
Ordinary people with no special skills can use tongue [...]


The likeithateit team insist that you watch this video now – and furthermore that you keep watching until the third member of this tro makes his contribution.  Sublime….

at any cost

Ahhhh, the Tour approaches.  I shall be writing more extensively on this festival of pain as the great day draws closer, but first, as a kind of appetizer, I offer you this interview with David Millar, the great British time triallist, busted for use of EPO and now riding as the poster boy for the [...]


James Barnett paints with a brilliant luminsecence eerily reminiscent of the Fauvist Andre Derain.  Yet, whilst Derain was painting the docks down on the Thames at the turn of last century, James is painting the docks down at City of Heroes, a massive on line fantasy game that only exists in a cloud of computers [...]

missionary zeal

Christianity has taken many forms in its brief two thousand year history, from the sublime contemplations of Thomas Aquinas, to the barbarism of the Spanish Inquisition.  Yet there is little more sickening than the crude, proud distortions of the Westboro Church in this “adaptation” of “We Are the World”.  For a completely chilling illustration of [...]


commentary from Mr J Ward

The Horror, the horror

Being the kind of graduate snob who pretends to have read all of Ulysses, when I have only read the dirty bits, you will not be surprised to find out that I am a huge fan of Joseph Conrad.  So it comes as a shock to discover that he has a relative who is also [...]

don’t look away

When you look at the picture of the couple, they’re smiling and happy.  Once you look away he’s beating her. A very clever campign discussing the nature of domestic violence.

ethics shmethics

Give yourself a giggle and read this article on how they’re going to teach battlefield robots to be ethical. From The New Scientist
Technology has always distanced the soldiers who use weapons from the people who get hit. But robotics engineer Ron Arkin
at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, is working to imagine
wars in which weapons [...]


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