danger art

This is how art should be – dangerous to life and limb – from The Guardian,

It was a sensation in the 70s when the Tate was forced to close a new exhibit, just four days after it was opened, when it was almost wrecked by an overly exuberant public.
Nearly 40 years on, Robert Morris’s [...]


An amusing discussion of the changing world of childhood, from The Denver Post
Ah, summer. The kids are out of school, which means it’s time for my young sons to take up favorite vacation pastimes like baseball, bike riding, lemonade stands and duping the world with elaborate hoaxes about UFOs on YouTube.
It was a rainy [...]

testing times

Likeithateit team members are suckers for any kind of tests that demonstrate how much better they are than everybody else, even if it means doing them again and again until they get the right answers. Peronsality tests, intelligence tests, tests of character – whatever it is we’ll keep doing them till we win, win, win! [...]

listen to the police

pearls of wisdom

I thought Lily Allen just wrote cute smartarse songs – now I find out, she is the Bret Easton Ellis of gossip (from the Guardian)
After throwing a bottle at a member of Jet
Listen, you’ve had one song on an iTunes advert, let’s not get excited (2007)
On Courtney Love
One night with her made me realise why [...]

happy fourth of July


(viral joy)

Its the way you ask…

From PsyBlog
Researchers in Italy had a female confederate visit a disco and approach 176 random people asking for a smoke. Clubbers were about twice as likely to hand one over if the request was directed at the right ear, whether or not the clubber was male or female. Whether these findings will hold good [...]

playing the system

This article is a bit of a slog but worth the effort for anyone that wants to have a rational basis for the hate they feel for their capitalist overlords.  In essence its a systemic analysis which suggests that in a well run economy, banks are only ever going to make moderate returns.  Its only [...]

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