A short stint in New York a few years ago brought me into contact with a most remarkable website, called Craigslist. Essentially a nationwide message board that dealt with everything and anything, it was remarkable for a number of reasons, it was primitive, simple, free, incredibly useful and endlessly fascinating.  It was like looking into [...]

The Office

From The Guardian
I remember when I first met David Brent. I’d asked XFM’s Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant to write some sketches highlighting the issues around exam pressure for a Radio 1 campaign I was working on in 1998. A number of the sketches featured a sweaty-palmed, socially inept man whose buoyant self-image was as [...]

the great drilling machine of Xantiar

font distress

Ikea said that in order to reach many people in many different ways, it needed a font that works in both digital and print media.
“Verdana is a simple, cost-effective font which works well in all media and languages,” Meiby said.
But some Ikea fans were outraged, finding Verdana less elegant than Futura.
The online forum Typophile ended [...]

Frank and Norman


Valium: Damien Hirst
Here is a rare interview with Charles Saatchi, from The Guardian
Before you went into advertising, what other career did you consider?
“Consider” isn’t quite how it was. At 17 and with two O-levels to show after a couple of attempts, a career path wasn’t realistic, nor a chat with the Christ’s College careers [...]

12000 years

How do we explain to the people of the future, that a site is contaminated with deadly nuclear waste that has been poisonous for twelve thousand years?  I mean, our current civilization has only been grooving and partying for the best part of four thousand years,  and we know how much has gone down since [...]

the one thats missing is “y”

I used to think that Glenn Beck was a dangerous right wing ideologue.  Now I’ve come to realise he’s actually an incredibly sophisticated satirist.  Just watch this genius routine and tell me this is not comedy….

art of the cubicle

Having on occasion been forced to spend tedious hours locked in an office cubicle in an effort to secure funding for my lifestyle, I myself have resorted to the abuse of office supplies in an effort to appease the muse that torments my soul, rather than engage in any kind of activity that may have [...]

cut up

For some inexplicable reason, collage has really been hitting my points recently.  Perhaps there’s something about the old analog cutting and pasting of paper and glue with its impacted edges and abrupt terminations that makes the airbrushed perfection of the digital seem like nothing but the facile frippery of an empty generation.  Posterboy is a [...]

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