deterministic humor

A Jehovah’s Witness goes to heaven but instead of the pearly gates, there’s a fork in the road, and a sign pointing down each path. One sign says ‘Believers in Predestination’ and the other says ‘Believers in Free Will’. The guy’s always believed in predestination, so he goes down that road, and eventually he comes [...]

toying with the Klan

Enjoy this excellent story of how one man’s wit, wisdom and love held off the KKK

real doll

Who hasn’t wanted to have a life so successful, that someone made a doll of you?  Now, you can have that doll no matter how much of a hopeless, pointless wreck your life has been. The Be-A-Doll action figure company will make your very own mini me – for the incredibly reasonable sum of [...]

something bad is going to happen

Ominous Music Heard Throughout U.S. Sends Nation Into Panic

how the economy is managed…

Paul Waugh from The London Evening Standard
This happy band of G7 finance ministers looked perfectly relaxed as they arrived for their gathering in Washington in April 2007.
But it now turns out that they were all given a secret 60-minute presentation which warned of the dangers of toxic US subprime loans infecting banks across the [...]

how do computers work?

If one spends as much time on computers as the likeithateit team does, then one should at least know how the motherfuckers work.  This incredible PDF takes you through the basics of computer operation from its very first principles, describing with a combination of diagrams and clear, lucid prose just what structures underlie a computers [...]


This rousing, challenging article on the nature of power, discusses the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Its inversions ring true and alert us to the inevitability of power’s corrupting force and the need for all of us to refuse its call. By Rebecca Solnit at The Guardian
What people were willing to believe about Hurricane Katrina in New [...]

rear ended

eight bit bricks


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