classroom hijinks

This never happened in my classroom. Principally because, we didn’t have computers or projectors or imaginative mathematics teachers or Halloween. Why we were lucky to even have a teacher….

turn by turn

There can be no doubt now that Google truly are the smartest people in the room. Though unlike Enron, they use their smarts in a way that isn’t just predicting future markets, its making them.  What has separated them from just about every contemporary player is their incredibly astute understanding of the power of metaphor [...]

here they come


From the Times
“Advances in technology have revealed that our brains are far more altered by experience or training than was thought possible. The memory-storing hippocampus region of the brain in London taxi drivers is bigger, and the auditory areas of musicians more developed, than average. Even learning to juggle can result in a certain amount [...]

wicked web

how to write erotic fiction

excerpt (From Cracked)
Details, People!
While it’s stupid to deny that Erotic Fiction is chiefly about fornicating, it would be dismissive -not to mention detrimental to your writing- to say that it is only about fornicating. Think of Erotic Fiction as a Tootsie Pop. Fornicating is certainly the rich chocolate center that everyone craves, but we still [...]

in every dark cloud there is a silver lining

Today’s lesson, is that in every dark cloud there is a silver lining.  For instance, what if you country had suffered a catastrophic collapse in its financial sector that had turned its currency into a joke, doubled inflation, sent unemployment rocketing and increased foreign debt to levels that threatened to bankrupt the country.  What could [...]

they don’t write music like they used to

Dear readers,
Though I have been deeply immersed in those activities that keep bread on the table and the possibility of buying into an overheated real estate market vaguely alive, too much so (alas) to be able to live up the likeithateit creed of daily updating, there was nothing that could stop me from [...]



An interesting personal account of internet addiction, though not from yours truly, but Winston Ross at Newsweek

Last Friday I walked into the most recent inpatient Internet addiction treatment center to open in the United States and asked a really dumb question. “Do you have Wi-Fi here?” I bumbled, prompting an awkward smile from the man [...]

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