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In the coming digital age when everybody is on line, you’re going to need somewhere to live.  Now Google is offering you the opportunity to build your own house, albeit, from pixels.  If I were you I’d take it now whilst its free, cause, in a decade or two they’re going to charge for this [...]

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From  Cosmos magazine

Is it our experiences or our genes that make us who we are? Studying twins has revealed unexpected, and often unnerving, insights into the nature versus nurture debate.
Imagine receiving a phone call out of the blue. You find the voice on the other end eerily familiar as it tells you some life-changing news: [...]

tilting at windmills

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A delightful story. Thanks to comrade Nick for alerting me to it…

musical stairs

War and Peace

Sydneysiders may be aware of a pair of sculptures outside the Art Gallery of NSW that depict, in typical neo classical style the personages of war and peace sitting astride their tremendous stallions.  Whilst kitsch, they’re quite striking and well rendered.  Now local artist Tatzu Nishi has done something rather special to them, an intervention [...]


One of the big stories in the US political spectrum right now is the Conservatives attempts to redraft the Bible to eliminate any liberal bias. You read that correctly, to remove the liberal bias from God’s word. The results, though  imbued with a chilly Orwellian double think, are nonetheless, hilarious and rich food for satire.  [...]

the eigenharp

From The BBC
This is the Eigenharp – described by its developers as “the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made”.
One of my colleagues calls it more simply “a sci-fi bassoon”.
The Eigenharp is the brainchild of John Lambert, a musician and software entrepreneur, whose Devon-based team has been working on the project for eight years.
Gig [...]

the end….

The Beatles Rock Band Outroby MilliardoO

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