last words

This is the last statement of prisoner Napoleon Beazley, before his execution in Texas on May 28th 2002.
The act I committed to put me here was not just heinous, it was senseless.  But the person that committed that act is no longer here [...]

the nuclear option

Just like Peter Garret, I can feel pragmatism creaking in my joints like arthritis. After decades of “noing” nuclear, I now have some sympathy for the idea.  Whether this has been conjured by the media spin of a newly (ahem) energised nuclear lobby, or the fear of global Armageddon through the oil wars or quite [...]



A rather poignant and unnerving performance of Radiohead’s Creep, by a homeless man named Mustard.


Jason Louv in H+ magazine
Yet what the media has failed to grasp is what 4chan can tell us about where we’re headed. The Chans aren’t the freak sideshow of the Internet. They are the heart and soul of the Internet. And they are the ones furthest ahead of the pack, leading us. At this point [...]


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Beck – Not So Mellow Gold

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taking your medicine

Denis Dutton/NY Times
Art’s link with money is not new, though it does continue to generate surprises. On Friday night, Christie’s in London plans to auction another of Damien Hirst’s medicine cabinets: literally a small, sliding-glass medicine cabinet containing a few dozen bottles or tubes of standard pharmaceuticals: nasal spray, penicillin tablets, vitamins and so forth. [...]

in excess

Adam Phillips in The Guardian
When Thomas Mann was a child his father contrived an experiment to teach him and his siblings a lesson about appetite. “Our father assured us,” Mann writes, “that once in our lives we could eat as many cream puffs … and cream rolls at the pastry shop as we wanted. [...]

fun with virals – the herding of the cats


From The Guardian
The creator of a subtle and unashamedly beautiful fresco in gold leaf has been named the winner of this year’s most prestigious UK art prize. Glasgow-based Richard Wright, 49, used the age-old, painstaking techniques of the old masters to make his glistening wall painting for the Turner prize exhibition at Tate Britain [...]

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