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Neurosonics Live from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

A heartworn highway

Townes Van Sandt singing a song about life….


You’ve all seen pictures of the earth.  You know how gorgeous it is.  How perfect in its delicate mix of sapphire and cotton ball white. But still, take another look. NASA have made their highest ever resolution pictures yet and they’re sharing them with us.  You can get a CPU thumping 53 meg download here, [...]

is this too good to be true?

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music tech hack

Fascinating project reported in Popsci
A musician has harnessed the power of two Nintendo Wiimotes to become a cyborg percussionist with the robo-band Jazari. His playing of one drum machine can evoke an automated response from another, so that he can go around the drum circle in a beautiful display of human-robot improvisation.
The man behind [...]


There is a member of the likeithateit team who is driving everybody mad with his ridiculous Francophile obsessions. And yet, some good has come of it. Such as the discovery that Carla Bruni, is actually, quite awesome.
Wait for the lovely dance with the sweet old man.


From The LA Times
This is combat in the age of video games and virtual reality. Even though drone pilots operate from half a world away, they are as engaged in deadly combat as any pilot inside an airplane.
A drone pilot can fire on an insurgent dug into the Afghan hills and be home in time [...]

A friendly giant

I kind of like google and feel encouraged when I read about their ambitions. Indeed, if they were to offer to undertake governing New South Wales, who wouldn’t think that was a good idea?  We can only hope.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has granted Google Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of the search giant, [...]


but I love adjectives

As a writer, and a pretty bad writer at that, I’m greatly fond of adverbs, particularly enamoured of pretty adjectives and head over heels with the exclamation mark! You’ll see, then,  if you read the following, why I found it so disheartening.   Margaret Atwood, Elmore Leonard and  PD James amongst others, tell you how [...]

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