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From The Guardian
Switching on their TV sets at 8pm on Saturday, Georgians were greeted with incredible news – Russia had invaded. The pro-government Imedi TV station reported that Russian tanks were once more trundling into Georgia. Not only that, but the country’s pro-western leader Mikheil Saakashvili had been murdered, the station said.
For the next [...]

5 seconds

For all the people that couldn’t hack the fifteen minutes film – pussies! Here, try these five second films – they’re hilarious…..

15 minutes!

Its rare that we here at the likeithateit team ask for fifteen minutes of your time, but this is really fucking good – and, it won an Oscar!

movie trailer


by any other name…

The romantic side of familiar words | Language Log |
The fact is, then, that a large proportion of these “most beautiful English words” that aesthetes like to cite owe their claim to beauty entirely on a fancied resemblance to the words of other languages, rather than any inherent “English” phonaesthetic virtues. To show how great [...]


From Reason Magazine
In January it was revealed that West Park School, in Derby in the midlands of England, was “subjecting” (its words) badly behaved children to Mozart and others. In “special detentions,” the children are forced to endure two hours of classical music both as a relaxant (the headmaster claims it calms them down) and [...]


I know, its been nothing but music , music, music down here recently and most of it by amateurs! But this is so sweet. A version of Lisztomania written by the wildly charismatic Pheonix and performed by some random bunch of American school children. There’s not a lot of finesse in terms of [...]

sing along in the chorus….

Saw this on Boingboing had to post it here – because its so heartwarmingly good – Buskers get commuters to join them in a sing-a-long to that perennial favourite – “Hey Jude” Group hugs everybody! As they said – “how can anyone live in that urban hellhole?”
Hey Jude Times Square Subway Station from 39forks on [...]

From Germany to Greece, with love….

From The Guardian

After yesterday’s call by two German politicians that Greece sell off islands, historic buildings and artworks before receiving aid, the German tabloid Bild has written an open letter to the Greek prime minister George Papandreou:

Dear prime minister,
If you’re reading this, you’ve entered a country different from yours. You’re in Germany.
Here, people work until they are [...]

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